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he KWPN has been the most successful studbook for dressage and jumping for years, an impressive achievement. Equally impressive is that Dutch-bred horses lead the individual rankings as well. For example, Big Star is still world’s second best jumper, and the Olympic Champion Valegro is the top dressage horse. The KWPN stallion Jazz (sire of Jerich Parzival) has held the status as the world’s most successful dressage horse sire in the WBFSH-rankings for years. The KWPN is known around the world as the source for good riding horses, many of which perform successfully at the highest level of the sport. To maintain the quality of its sport horses, the KWPN implemented specialized breeding several years ago. Since then, breeders have been able to choose stallions which fit a specific breeding goal. Stallions are classified according to the following four breeding directions: jumpers, dressage horses, harness horses, and Gelder horses.