port results are an important source of information as they represent the success of the current generation. The KWPN carefully records and analyzes this type of data. In addition, it gathers data on the much larger group of horses that do not compete in sport, for not every owner has the opportunity or desire to train his or her horse for competition. The KWPN wants information on this population of horses, too. For these reasons, it offers a variety of performance tests at reasonable prices. Its goal is to evaluate as many KWPN horses as possible and categorize them according to gaits, sport talent (for dressage, jumping, or driving), and trainability. Horses that pass these tests are an asset to their breeders and the KWPN alike.
The Performance tests for mares are meant to gain insight in the horse’s natural talent for the sport. By taking a talent test, a breeder receives more information about his mare’s qualities. The comments of the jury help the breeder to form a complete picture of his mare’s talent for the sport.

Spring performance test at new KWPN centre


Spring performance test final exam 2013